Our Story

The story about
our small business

I’m Elma, originally from Iran, settled in the Netherlands since 2020. I started “Mara Cookies” as a local business of decorated cookies and cakes in 2015 in Tehran, Iran and continued working on it until 2020 when I and my husband decided to move.

After moving to the Netherlands and settling down, I started Mara Cookies again here from scratch. Of course it’s always difficult to start since after a couple of years working, I already had my loyal customers, but I had to restart

Where are we?

We are a small home-based business located in lovely city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Who else?

My husband always helps me with the website, packaging, purchasing the ingredients, picking the right equipment, etc.

Our Vision

We hope to expand our business as a pastry shop

Elma - Mara Cookies
Elma – Mara Cookies